Liran Hirschkorn

CEO of Incrementum Digital

After growing and selling an Internet life insurance agency in 2014, Liran decided to get involved in ecommerce and selling on Amazon. Liran started several ecommerce brands that have sold millions of dollars on Amazon since. Today, Liran is widely followed as a thought leader and speaker on marketing and selling on Amazon and is CEO of Incrementum Digital, an Amazon-focused marketing agency. He’s also an advisor to brands and an ecommerce-focused fintech company helping brands with financing needs.

Liran Hirschkorn


All About Advertising

Amazon PPC is key to attracting potential buyers and driving sales, but it’s a notoriously difficult subject for sellers. In this session, we went back to the drawing board and reviewed: - The fundamentals of Amazon ads - Ranking organically with Amazon ads - Structuring Amazon ad strategies