Lenny Smith

Amazon Seller and Expert of Jungle Scout

Lenny is an expert Amazon seller and one of Jungle Scout’s original team members. Over the last five years at Jungle Scout, he has built the video team from the ground up. Lenny oversees every video Jungle Scout delivers — from scripts to shooting to marketing. He also shares his extensive knowledge of Amazon on Jungle Scout’s YouTube channel and webinars.

Lenny Smith


The Basics: Product Research and Sourcing

Product research is essential to jumpstarting your business on Amazon. In this session, we explored how to: - Browse the Amazon catalog for product ideas - Pinpoint high-demand, low-competition products - Narrow down a reliable supplier to source your product

Day 1: Ask Me Anything

We know product research can be a complex topic. In this session, we opened up the floor to JungleCon attendees. - Learn tips and tricks from an Amazon expert - Find out what Jungle Scout tools to use for product research - Get insider information about selecting a final product