Greg Mercer

Founder and CEO of Jungle Scout

Greg is Founder and CEO of Jungle Scout, the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. An 8-figure seller and expert on Amazon, Greg originally built Jungle Scout as a Chrome extension to automate his process of finding products to sell on Amazon. Today, he leads a team of 200 global employees who have built Jungle Scout into a best-in-class business management solution and market intelligence software for sellers, brands, and agencies.

Greg Mercer


Welcome to JungleCon

Welcome to JungleCon — we’re excited to be kicking off our first-ever Jungle Scout conference. In this session, we shared more about: - What you can expect to learn at JungleCon - How Jungle Scout got its start - Why Amazon is an excellent opportunity for sellers

Closing Remarks

Starting, building, and scaling your business on Amazon is in your future. In this session, we covered some highlights of JungleCon, including: - Greg’s advice for entrepreneurs - Ways to strengthen your presence on Amazon - Strategies to streamline your business — wherever you are in your journey