Dan Vas

7-Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Dan is Founder and CEO of Ecom Freedom, an online business and success education platform. Having personally grown his e-commerce brands on Amazon FBA and Shopify since 2017, Dan has mentored over 15,000 students in Ecom Freedom and millions more on his YouTube channel. He is dedicated to helping people around the world reach success with profitable online businesses so that they can achieve freedom for life.

Dan Vas


The Entrepreneurial Mindset

What does it take to be a thriving entrepreneur? In this session, we revealed how to achieve lasting freedom and success by starting an Amazon FBA business. Learn more about: - Dan’s personal story, from $40k in debt to multimillionaire with Amazon FBA - Dan’s top 5 book recommendations to change your life - Evolving your paradigms and self-image for ecommerce success