JungleCon is your passport to all things Amazon. Designed for aspiring and seasoned sellers alike, this two-day virtual conference explores a variety of engaging seller topics.

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Welcome to JungleCon

Greg Mercer

Founder and CEO of Jungle Scout

Welcome to JungleCon — we’re excited to be kicking off our first-ever Jungle Scout conference. In this session, we shared more about: - What you can expect to learn at JungleCon - How Jungle Scout got its start - Why Amazon is an excellent opportunity for sellers

The Basics: Product Research and Sourcing

Lenny Smith

Amazon Seller and Expert of Jungle Scout

Gary Huang

Founder of 80/20 Sourcing

Product research is essential to jumpstarting your business on Amazon. In this session, we explored how to: - Browse the Amazon catalog for product ideas - Pinpoint high-demand, low-competition products - Narrow down a reliable supplier to source your product

Listing Optimization, SEO, and Organic Rank

Steven Pope

Founder of My Amazon Guy

Learn about the three essential phases of SEO strategy to boost traffic for your listing. In this session, we shared how to: - Get your product on the map - Discover the right keywords for your product - Identify “strike zone” keyword rankings

Avoiding Common Seller Mistakes

Tatiana James

Amazon Expert and Influencer

Making mistakes is part of being an entrepreneur — but we’ve gathered important lessons so you don’t have to. In this session, we revealed: - The most common mistakes sellers make - How to avoid expensive and time-consuming challenges - How to better anticipate your business for the future

Promoting Your Brand on Social Media

Joshua Crisp

Amazon Expert and Influencer

In today’s digital era, social media is integral to building a brand’s story. In this session, we detailed how to wield the power of social platforms to: - Differentiate your brand from competitors - Amass a loyal following and community - Inspire conversions and sales

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Dan Vas

7-Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur

What does it take to be a thriving entrepreneur? In this session, we revealed how to achieve lasting freedom and success by starting an Amazon FBA business. Learn more about: - Dan’s personal story, from $40k in debt to multimillionaire with Amazon FBA - Dan’s top 5 book recommendations to change your life - Evolving your paradigms and self-image for ecommerce success

Day 1: Ask Me Anything

Lenny Smith

Amazon Seller and Expert of Jungle Scout

We know product research can be a complex topic. In this session, we opened up the floor to JungleCon attendees. - Learn tips and tricks from an Amazon expert - Find out what Jungle Scout tools to use for product research - Get insider information about selecting a final product